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What is the Paradise Tree?

Paradise Tree, Simarouba Glauca (Latin), Oil Tree, Aceituno or Lakshmi Taru (in India) thrives in tropical climates with very little water. It grows to a full height of up to 15 metres over 6 years. For detailed information about the Paradise Tree, please click the following link, or watch the videos below:-


Paradise Tree / Lakshmi Taru - University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore (.pdf)


Research has shown that the leaves of the Paradise Tree have important medicinal properties. These include, it is claimed, the ability to treat Malaria, AIDS and even certain types of cancer. Therefore, from the point-of-view of natural medicines alone, the Paradise Tree has a lot to offer.

Not only does the Paradise Tree produce high-quality edible oil from its seeds (which can also be used as a fuel), but the fruit pulp can also be used to make Bio-Ethanol. In other words, two different parts of the annual crop can be used to concurrently produce two different types of fuel! ..... it almost sounds too good to be true! It has been said that the Paradise Tree alone has the capability to make India and the world self-sufficient in edible oil and biofuels.

To see what role Goa-Biofuels is playing in trying to achieve this, please have a look at the following section:-


Goa-Biofuels: Paradise Tree Promotion in Goa